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A Year in Our New Home

Tarl and I are in our new home for a year now! Wow - It's crazy to think it's already been a year of owning our home in Texas. Tarl was renting a 4 bedroom home in Texas and when we got married in August 2020 I moved to Texas. Sadly, in Feb 2021 around his 45th birthday too, the ceiling came down in the kitchen and we got burst pipes from the winter storm.

I couldn't believe it. Here I am from Tennessee and was living in Ohio from a previous marriage and thinking I would always stay in the cold and where I didn't have any family, and then God led both of us healing hearts together during covid. Well, I then moved to big Texas and thought that no cold would be here. HAHA. NOT!

Doesn't matter where you're from, anything can happen. It was a hard week without power, Tarl turning 45 and we were newlyweds and made the best of it, but we worked on figuring during all the challenges we've had in our lives and what we were facing with the winter storm, we should find a place and make it OUR HOME~

So, Tarl and I overcame the challenges and put our finances together and we prayed and doors opened. The market was crazy for sure, but We were so excited to make this journey together, and finally find us forever home. After looking so much as Texas is huge, we found a nice town and there was a new build that was going up. PERFECT~ we got everything together and worked with the realtors and the house was beautiful.

After a lot of prayers and working together and saving Tarl was about to get the home and the funny thing was he said " Happy Birthday" it was June 7th, 2021 and we were working on this life-changing move, packing, working, doing school, and celebrating.

Here we are one year later and I turned 39 in our new HOME~. It's a beautiful new build and we have new walls to make memories and enjoy our laughter, music, art, and other creative works. To feel the spirit and work on our love growing each day. Two hearts that were healing have come together and made a new house their home. WE LOVE US.

Sometimes when challenges, divorce, death, spiritual, emotional, financial challenges, or other trials happen, you have to look at all circumstances being blessings. Some come immediately and some come later. I know that God doesn't leave us. Just because we have a beautiful home and found an amazing partner going on two years doesn't make that life is so perfect, it's not. We still have bills especially my medical bills and debts, also tuition, and working on building a business.

Things happen just like the ceiling collapsing in a winter storm from pipes bursting, and YES in TEXAS. But we were blessed to make a decision to not rent and to find a house to call ours and make it a home. Tarl and I are so blessed. We were able to have my twin sister and her 3 and 4-year-old live with us for a few months as well. That was a blessing!

Making new memories and settling down is such a blessing. No matter the pain you face or the challenges that may come about, know you're not alone. We all have each other. We have our stories, our talents, our knowledge, our passions, our testimonies and so much more to help strengthen us, relate, and learn to love ourselves and each other more.

I hope that you can continue to follow our journey and also realize in your journey YOU AREN'T ALONE. You must find it in your heart no matter how shattered it may be, that you love yourself just as much to create your happiness and find your HOME.. Start with yourself and I promise others will follow. Takes time but doors open and you're worth it.

Keep shining <3

P.s. Don't forget to shop and grab some inspiration from the shops

I love you Tarl~

- Jackie Inspires -

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