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PICTURE - Jackie Telford

I played around with digital art and tried to make a picture to express my emotions ( INFJ)

I have amazing coping skills. Beautiful talents, gifts, and inspire so many . I see the important impact everyday I do for others. My life have always been for others.

These last 2 years though, more importantly last few months have been turned upside down . It's a blessing but a more life changing into the eternity blessing. I literally have to focus on me. ( like the Toby Keith song. LETS TALK ABOUT ME ) LOL.. No, seriously here's my point.. while you may see me carrying on in strength, inspiration, school, overcoming , life with tarl, service etc, you don't see the inside or really everyday ( unlike Tarl) and God .

I am healing in a way that I've never experienced. Both physically (Trying too, thats the longest type) spiritually * always will grow and learn and emotionally . But I'm having to focus Not of the world or on others and even Tarl , my little business, talents and yes, sometimes school and have to focus on ME .

Focusing and taking care of me is the hardest thing and has always been. Tarl mentioned today that I am like a mother with a huge growing big heart who can divide her attention between multiple people and events to make sure everyone is taking care of. With that, my care and attention has always been on everyone else and not of myself.

So, reversing lifetime of putting others needs first and taking care of myself is not easy. So this time and however long it takes, I'm willing and determined and dedicated to do that, because I am in a serious situation where it can and will impact the rest of my life. I PRACTICE THIS DAILY. IT'S HARD.

I'm embracing all the pain, discomfort, symptoms, tests, appointments, procedures, bloodwork, daily trials, life, love, directions, promptings, spirit , healing, learning , and growing.

All this is HARD but it's so BEAUTIFUL. I'm capable and priceless. I am worthy of the love and attention. Also, its learning, accepting and healing in all ways . While doing this I can still live my dreams. Plan my future. Enjoy the beautiful life I have with so many of you and my amazing, patient, funny, handsome and so much more companion Tarl.

God is good. Every step of the way. I may have learned all this growing up or could have but we all have choices. Choose you. Stop. Listen. Search. Ponder. Pray. Consult. Research. Be guided in all circumstances and choices. Be intuned with the faith you believe and God will show you the way, his light and in his time.

No matter how big or small . I can't change what was done but I can change now. I don't want to change my caring, compassionate, loving, unselfish, big heart of mine, but I need my heart to keep pumping to live..

Hope this helps you understand that the main point is STOP. LISTEN. LOVE YOURSELF .Listen closely to the still small voice . Don't let years pass to show your vulnerability, self-love, self-care etc. You mean well, but sometimes being so busy and caring for others takes away from our personal progression. which is NOT WRONG. Our Savior is like that, but he even took time for himself.. So, just be mindful of yourself.

Love you lots. There's my little spiritual upliftment and beautiful testimony that I'm growing. Maybe one of you needed to hear that. I know I needed to be reminded and say it. It takes work and will always and forever. Its called I AM A CHILD OF GOD. I AM BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER OF GOD.

I AM ENOUGH. I CANNOT HELP OTHERS IF I AM NOT HELPING AND HEALING MYSELF FIRST. Even if you love others, your body and mind will force you to slow down...;) So listen to those "nudges" small voices..Intuition.

that's all. Just be wise. Listen. Life's not a race. Only 1 you. Forever to grow and experience.

Keep shining ️ Be inspired

~Jackie Inspires ~

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