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Becoming More Like Our Savior

In my reading and studying the scriptures before I start studying for school. I am really grateful for my Savior even more.

Remember the story of Feeding of the 5000 people? And how Jesus supported so many with 5 loaves and 2 fish ? A miracle for sure.

But I had to stop and think how countless times our Savior not only provided small and huge miracles for all those back then in sickness, Health, forgiveness, death etc.. Besides the biggest The atonement .

When you think that's amazing...I have been thinking when John the Baptist was killed Jesus went to be alone but others followed of course..Imagine his heart and grieving and sadness but not only that but he had so much compassion and empathy for others even those that have done wrong...

During this time of his "grieving" he healed the sick and was there for so many .. Can you imagine having that strength? Compassion? It's unbelievable. I know personally I have strength, love, compassion and forgiveness of others but is it to that compacity of our Savior?

Can you see yourself ? After all the Savior been through, look and see how you can be more like our Savior..

It's not only just as John The Baptist but so many more moments where our Savior still served and showed compassion despite his own grieving. I love him so much more . I never looked at this before. Thankful for the gospel .

I am thankful for my growth and my learning experiences. To gain spiritual strength. It helps me in my life .

Keep shining ️ Be Inspired

~Jackie Inspires ~

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