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Hello Beautiful Peeps 😍

Hope you and your family and friends and really everyone around this beautiful earth are doing well. Even if you're not, you're still important and loved. You're amazing and we grow through everything we're faced.

I'm working with some specialists and one is an ENT. I have several things going on but I'm working with ent because of my voice and my right ear. Some of you know that I have always loved music since I was little and have done plays, concerts, solos, ensemble, choir, chorus etc. Working on trying to find someone to help with music to put all my songs together and make a cd.

Well.. about 2017 I had a acdf surgery where I had plate and screws put in my neck from c5-c7 . And since then I've had some issues and working with new neurosurgeon etc but I have cervical stenosis and some newer disc issues above from c3 to c4.. anyway I have issues with my voice and eating at times so ent going to help that. Why I haven't really sang much lately plus been busy with other things and opening our little shop and website here.

Not only that but last 2 years and mainly last year. My right ear has lost hearing . We've been working on the issue but it's got so worse that I plug my left ear and I can't hear anyone in front of me nor the TV. And of course other things.

I've found I could be upset as I'm 39 and I have had about 12 surgeries and numerous issues over the years, that why do I need my voice and hearing to be upset too. I get tired and upset at things but I am more grateful.

You see, I'll find out more as the testing etc comes back but for now I'm creating the journey of happiness, fun with my life and my husband and also finishing my degree which I started last year this week online . Just 3 semesters.

Working on sharing our talents. Doing service. Loving life no matter the challenges. Yes, I wonder how can I do this or that because of the issues and then I realize, I'm in a great place. I'm getting help. I'm creating and loving life. I am accepting and loving who I am .

I am Jackie Inspires. I inspire and uplift and have always done that in Many ways . I have been through harder. It's just another trial and challenge to love myself more in all emotions even when I get scared, sad or upset or even more happy.

I just keep going. You can too. You're amazing. You've been through harder. No matter what you face, love yourself through it and know God and our Savior and so many others are right there with you .

Create and inspire in your own life. All will be well.

All those new here don't forget to subscribe and share. Ty 💜

Keep shining and inspiring ✨️

With love

Jackie inspires

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