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Going After Your Passions

Hey Beautiful Peeps ๐Ÿ˜

I hope that you are enjoying my website and learning more about me and my husband. Not only that but looking within and learning & loving yourself more.

We're all a work in progress. I believe we'll continue learning into the next life to come. I'm learning and going after my passions and working on our little website and store.

I don't like to be like everyone else. I take my infj and being a big empath and just feel with my heart and make things. I want whoever reads or buys art and other creative things to know they are appreciated and important. For it to be a reminder to them that each thing I make is unique and different. Just as each of us around the world are unique. We're all amazing, talented, beautiful and priceless.

So. I may have some that love what I do and others who love to judge. That's quite alright. Probably means the right person hasn't come along yet to purchase my art or other products. That's okay.

I love being different. I love shining in my own way. I love feeling emotions and love my writing or singing in how I can relate or understand. Just the same with my projects and art.

I don't love bullying or putting down others. We're all here to uplift and inspire. Given so many passions and talents to help each other in all circumstances. It's just that we are in charge of our own actions and feelings.

Enjoy the journey you're on and make the best of it. I am trying. Opening this dream business, only my husband's income and he works so hard, and I'm finishing my degree in Family science. Still got few semesters left. Besides financial challenges there's health challenges and of course life challenges. Same in your life we all have challenges and handle them in different ways.

If I could offer a suggestion that we all could love one another and support each other in all the good, bad and ugly I think the world would be so much better. Don't you agree? I'm not saying you'll always be smiling, trust me I don't but I find a way to cope with my feelings and emotions.

It's hard to have small business. It's hard to have alot of medical debt. It's hard to be sick. It's hard to not get things you desire. It's hard to be made fun of. It's hard in life on so many levels..... yet we're doing it.

I want you to live and enjoy life in all circumstances. Go after your passions and start whatever you've dreamed of. One step at a time. Now is better because we may not have a later in life. I can assure you there are those willing to help support and cheer you on .

Keep shining โœจ๏ธ Be inspired. Go for it .

You're amazing and worth it.

Let me know in the comments your desires, dreams, thoughts, or anything you're working on whether be art, music, small business etc...

~Jackie Inspires ~

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