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Happy 2 Year Anniversary My Love

Happy 2 Year Wedding Anniversary @tarlcreates 💜

You continue to make my heart sing.

I am grateful for our marriage and more importantly how we love and cherish even the smallest moments.


We continue to grow closer and enjoy our walks, talks, shopping, cooking, praying and just being together. Doesn't matter where we're at, we're perfectly fine together doing our own thing but in the same room.


One day will get our honeymoon. We'll see the world. We're each other's world.

I found my "eric" and you found your "ariel" among covid, long distance, healing from past divorces. I am part of your world and dreamed of being In a safe world of music and creativity.

There's music, art, dance, books and more. I have a voice. I can sing and write and do my art and more. Finishing my last year in college for family science.


Supporting your dreams and passions in all you desire.

Hand in hand we're together. We found love in the hardest of times. We found our smiles, voices, passions and most of all love of ourselves.

We love us .

Here's to eternity 💜💜💜💜🎶🎶🎶🎶

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