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Last Semester as a Junior In College ๐Ÿ˜€

I have and continue to learn so much more about myself. Especially in my own life, in school and in my relationships with my husband and others.


This week is my last exam of the summer semester. Just 3 semesters left. 16 credits for Fall, 18 credits for Spring and 15 credits for Summer 2023.


In 2 weeks I will be a SENOIR in college and working on my goal of graduating with my Bachelor's in Family Science Sumer 2023 . Before my 40th and it's on my 40 things before my 40th birthday blog post . I'm soooo excited and stoked for what's to come .


I love going back and seeing my growth just like this picture .

My husband Tarl took lyrics of a song I wrote for him and a portrait of me that he loved and made a Lyric Portrait.

I decided to do my version


I love learning. I love supporting each other and all those I can with their passions and creativity. Try something new. You may love it . Don't give up. You're so close. Be reminded of how amazing you are.

Keep shining โœจ๏ธ Be Inspired

~Jackie Inspires ~

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