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March 20th 2023 ~Peace Within Our Journey

Hi beautiful souls 💜

Here's a link to catch you up .. those who are new.


Quote - President Russel M Nelson

I'm preparing 💜 It's been a rough last week, weekend, and today in sickness and pain, but I'm pushing through.

Tarl and I have and continue to feel the outpouring love, prayers, and so much more. Our faith continues to grow. He's blessed with work, and I with school. We truly enjoy life in all circumstances.

Despite all the suffering and issues, I know that I am blessed in all circumstances. That my testimony is growing, and I will be an example to others .

This is hard and continues. So much of my body is damaged, and it's a journey one day at a time... I love you all.

No matter what happens, know that you are loved. I cherish you. Tarl and I appreciate you.

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️. Know in your own life and trials there is hope . Be vulnerable. Be expressive. Don't just suck it up. Learn to love yourself more, be compassionate, caring, weak, empathetic, and break to be renewed even stronger

Why???? Because it's a form of healing. There are and will be miracles. God is good. Our Savior lives. He has suffered. I love our Savior and Heavenly Parents along with my husband, family, and friends more because of the beautiful atonement and his strength and light

You're worth it. Keep the faith. Feel the love. Follow the light .

Keep shining

Be inspired

Jackie inspires

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