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Mastery Of Self

A finished piece . I've been working on myself and my art for awhile now. It felt good to take out this art and finish the product.

I have a very bad rheumatoid arthritis and Oestoarthritis flare up along with a gout attack today. It literally face planted me on edge of our bed . Luckily the bed saved me .

I cried many tears and actually prior to today many tears from different parts of me that I am working on. Learning to forgive more, love myself more in all my physical and emotional challenges. Loving myself in all the scars, trauma, fat, tallness, and things I dislike .

I'm grateful to do life and embrace all journeys with my husband Tarl. We have good energy together and we love, know and understand one another. We respect. We care. We listen. Makes it even more special.

Love working on our shop and projects together. We recognize life isn't all fun and happy. That's why we grow even more together 💜

I'm usually one to uplift and inspire but within that I have my fails, flaws and falls in life to learn, suffer, release, and get back up even stronger. That takes time. Takes effort

I'm a very determined gal who has so much resilance, drive, ever growing heart and wants so much for others to love themselves more and grow and become the best version they can even If they struggle, breakdown or fall.

That's the beauty of life I believe. When we're there for ourselves and each other in all the good, bad and ugly and still holding to each other in the amazing blossoms and beautiful souls we become which is priceless.

So I must say that I have my days and I have my doubts. I have my sufferings and my "feel bad for me " and whatever else and that's quite alright. Why? Because it's part of me and my story I'm writing. It's part of my picture I'm painting. It's part of myself I'm loving . And that's okay.

Take time to create and love yourself through it all . No matter how long it takes. You're worth it .

Check out our shop. New art, stickers and more to come. Don't forget to subscribe 😉

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired

Lots of love

~Jackie Inspires ~

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