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Motivation Post-Plus Shop Update :)

Hello Beautiful Souls ~ I hope you have a wonderful new week. May you remind yourself that you are so important. YOU ARE AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL! TALENTED! SMART! WORTHY! And of course so much more. There's no sugar coating, I know this to be true because I have had many days over the years of lack of confidence, lack of self-worth, and especially no self-esteem.

Life can truly bring us to our knees in tears and wanting to give up or even try. DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP. I may not talk, to or see you and you may only know me online, as a friend, through my husband or you could even be my family and closest friends and not even speak about what's going on. Just know I truly feel so much love, heartache, and more. I was born this way and decided through my trials and going through hell many times in my situations and especially the bullying, abuse, neglect, pain, discomfort, and being lost and empty, I Didn't give up.

Jackie Inspires along with my husband Tarl Creates is a safe place for us to share our dreams, desires, words, talents, passions, creations and so much more. I have longed to have a store full of all my talents and things that inspire and uplift me. A place to call my own. Being married to my husband Tarl has lit a fire in my rear end to get it going and we work together to make it a beautiful place.

Yes, it's expensive, and being in school, Tarl only working and my health issues, I don't give up. It's easy to get disappointed but I truly appreciate who I am. I am Jackie. A beautiful 39-year-old who has and continues to overcome her trials and challenges. I inspire and uplift others. I am bold, honest, and true, and have a big heart. Full of empathy, compassion, and creative soul. LET YOURSELF FEEL AND SEE YOURSELF! TRULY SEE YOURSELF ~ You play a part. Only you can take steps and go create your vision.

We have and are continuing as we can to make more products for the store. We have stickers and much more stickers to come. They are fun, weird, exciting and just something my husband and I love. There will be more bookmarks, stationery, and even more things in the works. Just making sure my 5 classes are caught up and health appointments and procedures are in order.

Follow along in the journey. Feel free to share, shop, support, and subscribe. We're so excited to see this vision come alive even more. Again, You're important and would love to see what you are doing. Would love to follow and support you as well. Feel free to message or comment on your sites or blogs, talents, etc. WE ALL ARE TOGETHER FOR A REASON.

May you know how precious and priceless you are. Continue your talents and passions and spread those wings. Most importantly don't let anyone or anything make you doubt or feel you are not worth it, because YOU ARE! So many resources and others out there to help inspire and lift, and I am one of them.

Stay tuned for more ... Lots of love

Keep shining ~ Be Inspired

~Jackie Inspires~

~Tarl Creates~

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