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Moving Forward with Faith

Little Journey Update ~

As always, you can follow through our website, gofundme link, and posts as they come on this journey together.

Jackie continues to shine & inspire despite all she deals with physically and emotionally. Her faith and determination are growing . 💪


This is just a reminder for those involved with fasting and prayer for Jackie’s recovery. Tonight, Jackie will be receiving a priesthood blessing.


Tomorrow (Sunday), many people around the world, including family and friends, will be joining together in faith to petition Heaven to both strengthen Jackie in her recovery, and to guide Tarl (Me) and Jackie with clear minds and understanding hearts so that they can make proper choices in the weeks and months ahead.


Today has been a hard day. Jackie got really sick this morning before breakfast (gastroparesis). Later, she choked on one of her pills, and it hurt her throat pretty badly (dysphagia).

The pharmacy called earlier today and confirmed that the medications, insulin pump, and Dexcom (glucose reader) will all be available on Monday. By the grace of God and the generosity of good souls, we have the funds to get these vital medicines and supplies for one month. This will get us started.


It’s been a rough day. We’re keeping hope. We are seeing miracles all around us. Even with all the tough times, we’ve got a thumbs-up from Jackie. Thank you all for your support and faith and love.

As Jackie says...

Keep shining ️ Be inspired

Tarl & Jackie

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