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My Health Journey Continues ...At Home

I chose to go home and not against AMA. The doctor is setting up an aggressive plan even though I'm still bad and not holding things down. Choking, iv blowing due to all the valves. I'm tired, in pain, hurting, emotional and it's a long journey.

Going home and working outpatient and with my gi specialist, endocrinologist, counselor, Therapist, speech therapy and doctors.

Need to see Endocrinologist every week. Got new meds and insulin . To help gastroperisis, heal lining of stomach and throat. Nausea meds and others .

Going to be a tough road but I'll make it .

There's a food plan the doctor really approved . But it's costly each month . I'll reach out to them to.see how I can do it.

She wants me to do it for 90 days, with light muscle training and walking. Get rechecked and of course all gets worse to call my specialists.

I asked her to send me home that I need to be there and not here especially with all appointments She said she'll release with very aggressive orders .

So managing meds, Laryngopharyngeal and Gerd disease. Swallowing/choking issues gastroperisis. Keeping my body absorbing my minerals.

It was that or I was going to do AMA. I am tired of being here. But we came up with a plan .. I have to be strick as so much going on. Must follow orders and appointments and tests . Especially must eat soft or clear everyday to keep strengthing me

Most importantly getting me to eat . To bounce between clear liquids to soft foods puree, document . Check in weekly with doctors, endocrinologist and Gi specialist .

I'm thankful I was here but seriously glad I can choose to leave and vomit and be sick home .

Waiting on all my papers , meds, plan and go from there.

Doctors say this is long term and hard cycle . So, well see . Pray it works out . Otherwise she says I'll be back in . So, we're in agreement to follow ..

Keep the prayers coming and check on me. Enjoying being with my husband and school .

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