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My Health Journey - How you can help ๐Ÿ’œ

Hi, everyone. I'm going to pin the post so all those who want to help, pray, support, message, or follow for support are in one place. I don't have to keep messaging or repeat

Read my blog to catch up on my journey


As I don't ask for much, and I honestly can't manage a gofund for me right now, I figure if you'd like to donate, here are the ways you can




It will help with medical/school/finances and help, so Tarl doesn't have to take off so much work .

Care team ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ Appointments a lot ..

- Doctor


-GI specialist


-Diabetes Education



This is a long, crucial journey for me. Not only that, but it's heavily on my emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual life.

Tarl is an amazing husband and friend. We try to stay hopeful, creative, strong, and humorous.

He has a job he needs to do. My job consists of getting healthy and lowering my stress along with getting me to eat and keep it down .


I'm emotional, weak, tired, stressed, sick, painful, discomfort, and so much. I'm hanging on and have a huge list of appointments ongoing, labs, Gastroperisis nutrition therapy, insulin, and other meds, and I'm just trying to enjoy life with my husband and help ease his burden .


So, ya .. for now that's all I ask is prayers, love , and support, and this is me in all my glory . P.S. DON'T YOU LOVE MY BIRD TATTOO LOL FROM ALL THE IV'S BEING BLOWN AND BLOOD DRAWN.


Feel free to share, comment, and message those who have my address if you want to send some humorous cards. We love humor.


Above all, I'm grateful for everything and everyone. For the medical staff, medicines, and for my trials no matter how hard they make me want to give up. We all have our trials and challenges. We just need to show each other love, empathy, compassion, and bring strength.


For now, this is my update. Ty for loving and caring .

Keep shining โœจ๏ธ Be inspired

~Jackie Inspires ~

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