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Some of you know I deal with mild gastroperisis, type 2 diabetes, cervical stenosis, inflammatory arthritis and Oestoarthritis.


Well.... let's just add little something else from the tribulation buffet before i came to earth 🤣🤣🤣(P.s. Humor is what helps me .) Okay 👍 👌 and my husband Tarl helps me with that and so much more


Little update and prayers please.

I have been subjected to, and will continue, with more tests, visits and procedures next few weeks and months with specialists etc.

Today I found my left ear has 30 percent loss of hearing but my right ear has 70 percent loss

My voice box isn't messed up but there is severe damage to the lining of my throat up to my voice box

I'll undergo more scopes , tests, and medication for that, plus GI issues and will do endoscope and colonoscopy in couple weeks.


In next week or two will do MRI of Brain and ear.

From there the ENT will know whether it's one of 3 things - acoustic neuroma, otosclerosis, or cholesteoma.

Only one of them can be fixed with surgery. But we will know more in few weeks, after reports and test get back. My ENT will have a plan.


He did mention it's bad and some serious things we need to address with throat and ear .

GI specialist will know more on my stomach after the procedures in a couple of weeks.


Tarl and I are trying to make sense of everything. It's a lot that I'm facing with basically every part of me. But we have each other. Grateful for insurance, his work, and my last 3 semesters of schooling. It gets expensive for everything.

Keep us, and all those working on me, in your prayers. Pray for strength. I'll just keep going and embrace life with our Savior love and gratitude

Plus I love my life. Have an amazing husband. We have such big families, friends, church, passions and so much more. So much to be grateful for.

Also this blog and shop we've opened and more to come. Can't wait. School keeps me going as I have 5 classes this semester. But it's so rewarding.

Lots of love. Pray for you all too. We got this. You got this. Supporting each other. No matter what happens we all are doing it.

Keep shining and Be inspired ✨️

Click that subscribe, anything helps 🤗

~Jackie Inspires ~

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