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My Health-UPDATE

Quick update-

Waiting on test results, labs, and referral to GI Surgeon. Doctor will call me later with information.

Gi Surgeon -This will be concerning the steps of -Either Botox, Stimulators or Feeding tube in small intestine. Gastropareisis, LPR and Gerd diseases. ( my issues)

May have other ideas, but it's been discussed over the weeks if nutrition and meds continue to fail. The current suggestion mentioned above.

My stubbornness wants none because I've had like 12 surgeries over the years. My body just wants to be normal or a miracle LOL twinkled and new . ( Sadly damage is done and I can't trade it in like a new hip hair style or clothes ) 💜🤣🤣🤣

We, of course, are strong in our faith and won't take these decisions lightly. Tarl and I, along with my doctors, are trying to figure out the best course of action for my health ( many parts ), especially staying nourished, alive, and comfortable. Long process 🙄

Waiting on Insurance for insulin pump etc if covered or cost. ( Thank you to those who donated via gofund, venmo, paypal, or check )

Really helps with medical and expenses while Tarl can still work and I stay busy and sane with school . I love learning just not with my body 🤣🤣

Seen endocrinologist earlier this week and Family Doctor had me come in today.

I Have Genetic counseling appt Saturday.

Awaiting back from dietician and Gi specialist. In the meantime just one bite of food at time. Sip of fluid at time. Keeping Diabetic, Gastropareisis journal log . Checking blood pressure, sugars, intake/output, pain/discomfort/feelings etc .

It's like being monitored and tight like Fort Knox 🤣🤣🤣

I have apps, fitbit, dexcom, blood pressure devices, etc. I told Tarl I'm going to name my devices. 🤣🤣

It's easier for me to love and serve others than doing for me. Too stressful lol. But I'm keeping my spirits, vulnerability, faith, and staying active and busy with school.

Adjustments on meds and insulin for now..

I'm in alot of pain, discomfort but I've let myself cry for 4 days which is good. I'm grateful for a good care team and support of my husband, family and friends.

Keep the prayers coming and I'll keep the inspiration and humor coming..

A long journey ahead. Just waiting on results, meds, and specialist appointments.

Just an update. Will know more in couple weeks when we see everyone and next important steps.

Lots of love.

Keep shining ️ Be inspired

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