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My List of 40 things Before 40th Bday

I will of course blog about this and have pictures or try too. I turn 40 on June 7th 2023. I have looked forward to turning 40 . I think it's because of all the goodness that has happened & overcoming challenges. Either way it's exciting & I have an amazing husband Tarl by my side.

So, I decided to write a list of 40 things I want to accomplish or do before my 40th. We'll see how it goes. But it truly means something. Plus if I'm unable, then I'll keep trying later lol. It's something I been wanting to do and have a moment to write it down. Here we go 💜

40 things before my 40th

  1. Sell 40 items in our small store we just opened.

  2. Write 40 cards to complete strangers & tell them how wonderful they are

  3. Go on a date with husband Tarl to a fancy restaurant (never been, what's fancy ? 🤔

  4. Go to my first concert ever with meet & greet . Prefer Celine Dion but music is a passion so anyone 💜🎶💜 I want to go to many . But I got to see at least 1 .

  5. Experience room service with Tarl . Lol I just always wanted to.

  6. Have a weekend getaway with Tarl and experience spa/massage . Must get a jacuzzi room

  7. Go on honeymoon to Hawaii. Watch sunrise and sunset. But understand if not possible we can always do later

  8. Have my 40th bday at Disney World and Little Mermaid theme . Always wanted to go and Mermaid is my favorite.

  9. Get my Bachelor's Degree in Family Science. Long time coming . Walk the stage. ( never did in hs)

  10. Go to museums_art exhibits with my husband Tarl. ( Both want this )

  11. Meet my inlaws for the first time. Been married 2 years. So been trying but with health and covid etc.

  12. Find someone to help make my dream of making a cd. I have the lyrics and sing just need the rest

  13. See my husband Tarl's projects and books in our store . (Proud of him)

  14. Pay off my car

  15. Meet some of my husband's family and he meets some of mine

  16. Lose 50 pounds . That's what I been working in.

  17. Watch star wars Saga first time seeing . Fun date with Tarl or dates lol

  18. Watch Harry Potter movies for first time .

  19. Sing somewhere in public . Fight my stage fright 😱

  20. Go to the beach and watch the sunrise and sunset and walk with my love .Tarl 💜 (always dreamed of this)

  21. Trip to Vegas with Tarl and just experience the fun and maybe meet someone we love and support

  22. Shopping spree like pretty woman and get a nice clothes, makeover and experience what a facial etc is lol

  23. Try a hibachi grill

  24. Have a girls spa weekend

  25. Go to the Zoo in Texas (see the monkeys 🐒 my favorite

  26. Have date night with Tarl going to medieval times show & dinner

  27. Expand our small business and get more followers for blog/Social media

  28. Find someone to mentor

  29. Work on my biography

  30. Showcase my art in a gallery

  31. Help my husband get things for a bigger computer or him make it

  32. Pay it forward to 40 people in different ways.( blog about it )

  33. Walk for a cause dear to me

  34. Fly first class just to see what's it like . Go visit where my husband was born

  35. Set up bags for the needy and deliver them in our town. With homemade cards of support .

  36. Make kits for kids and deliver them to different places. Clubs, churches, etc Just letting them know how special and amazing they are. Help motivate .

  37. Visit a botanical garden

  38. Go on gameshow/talkshow. Heehee

  39. Meet someone I look up too and get picture or have lunch. Why not? 😀singer, author, actor,artist etc

  40. Go to Hollywood with my husband and experience how shows etc are made . Just explore and create memories .

Well these are just some of my heart desires. Above all just enjoy life and go after what you dream and desire. Make it happen. You're worth it. Don't lose hope.

There are setbacks or challenges but know that it's possible. I believe that. It's a fun list I've been wanting to make and we'll see where it goes.

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired

And to my husband Tarl, love you forever. Let's make more memories.

~Jackie Inspires ~

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