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"New Year, New Harmony: Unveiling My Dream to Create, Inspired by Music, Family, and Passion"

Hey Beautiful Souls,

As we near the end of 2023, I want to share with you one of my deepest and most important desires: my dream of creating a CD. This journey is not just about music; it’s a reflection of my life, shaped by a family rich in diversity and love, and a personal growth journey that has led me to where I am today.

As a woman with a myriad of interests, my life has always been a canvas of varied hues. I've embraced everything with a spirit of curiosity and passion. As an artistic soul, an empath, and someone with an INFJ personality type, I've always been deeply attuned to the emotions and potential in others. This sensitivity and awareness were honed through years of observing and learning from my twelve siblings and parents and then extended to my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Along with the closest family, I consider not ''related'' in the eyes of the world. Whether from teachers, mentors, friends, co-workers, or anyone whose heart desires to have a piece of their example. Truly value the meaning that ''God puts others in your path for a reason''. He is the mastermind behind the scenes.

Every soul has and continues and will collectively lay a foundation that has enriched my understanding of relationships, creativity, and self-expression. This will go on for all eternity. Why do you think I feel so hard? Express? Share? Because I have had a beautiful light since I came to this earth and my experiences and trials have tried to ''burn it out''. Each day is a growing and learning experience and continues into my education and working on my degree in Family Science, which is a huge milestone and dream that I am working to accomplish in May 2024. I can't wait to use my knowledge and experiences and help others, individuals, and families, like those reading my posts.

I have always loved the language and the arts. I, like many wanted to be a singer, writer, actress, and more but I'm not one for the ''stardom'' light. Yes, I like to be noticed but in different ways and smaller or behind the scenes. More like in the world labels or ''terminology'' directors, musicians, someone still shining but rather see others shine even brighter because I know my glory and I have always had the gift to see others' glory way far into the future never-ending. Why do you think I have so much desire? Take it as President Russell M. Nelson recently said ''Think Celestial'' Oh, if you only knew my eyes, soul, and heart have always thought and seen that since birth and I am realizing more than ever. I know we all have that potential, even myself. it's a work in progress to always hold on to that. Easier said than done ;)

My fascination with characters like Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" and Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" reflects my journey. Ariel's yearning to explore beyond her familiar world mirrored my desire to dive into the arts, while Belle's love for learning and seeing beyond the surface resonated with how I view others and the world. My life, in many ways, paralleled Cinderella's – a journey to find true love, which I discovered in 2020 with my husband, Tarl. Writing a song for him was not just an expression of love but also a reawakening of a long-held dream to create a CD.

This dream, however, often took a backseat as I habitually put others' dreams and passions ahead of mine. Meeting Tarl was like finding my 'prince,' 'beast,' or hero – he helped me realize my fairy tale, a tale of true love and self-realization.

From my earliest memories, music has been a constant companion, a source of joy and expression. My mother, Anne, introduced me to the enchanting world of piano and the timeless voices of Barbara Streisand, John Denver, and Kenny Rogers. These melodies became the soundtrack of my childhood, nurturing a love for music that grew with each passing day.


Equally influential in my life is my father, Stuart. An adventurer and outdoorsman at heart, of action more than words. His love for the outdoors, hiking, and family outings was infectious, instilling in us a sense of adventure and appreciation for nature. As a businessman, he exemplified the qualities of a go-getter, teaching me the importance of determination and hard work. His traditional yet fun-loving approach to life, always with a smile on his face, demonstrated the balance of responsibility and enjoyment. Stuart's athletic nature and family-oriented values were cornerstones in our household, shaping my understanding of the importance of family bonds and a life well-lived.


In our lively home, every sibling contributed uniquely to my story. Their names and the lessons they imparted are etched in my heart:


Jeff: Inspired by teamwork and perseverance.

Jon: Showed the beauty of creativity and humor.

Carolyn: Taught the power of compassion.

Liz: Demonstrated resilience in adversity.

Marylynn: Shared the power of music through her angelic voice.

Maureen: Encouraged creative thinking.

Michael: Exemplified strength and integrity.

Allen: Brought joy through wit and humor.

Charlie: Taught the value of laughter.

Tommy: Inspired a sense of adventure.

Charity: Showed the importance of empathy.

Tony: Encouraged stepping out of comfort zones.

Through the lens of my experiences and storytelling, I want to convey a message of hope and empowerment. It's a narrative that intertwines love, music, and the realization of dreams. This is where I am today, at the precipice of fulfilling a dream that has long been in my heart. And it's a journey that I believe can resonate with others, inspiring them to discover and embrace their passions and dreams.


The purpose of the song, and indeed this blog post, is to share how finding someone who inspires you can also help you inspire yourself. It's about recognizing the light within us that has always been there, from the moment we came to this earth.


The veil between us and the divine is thinning, strengthening our spirits and bringing our talents into sharper focus. These talents are not just abilities; they are avenues for learning, growing, and discovering the light within us. If we are made in God's image, then it's within our power to see ourselves in that divine light and to elevate our perception of our worth and potential.

You don't need to have everything that someone else has in order to experience love or success. We each have our moments to shine, our 'fame' moments. These are guided by divine timing and wisdom. Each of us is on our unique journey of discovery and growth. While some may feel they've always known their path, others, like me, it's a journey of continuous learning and self-realization. And that's okay. It's my learning, my story, and I'm sticking to it.


As we step into 2024, let's do so with the knowledge that we are enough. Focus only on each day and set goals for every tomorrow to the future as far as you can see. Hope and embrace all that is given, even the blessings among trials. Why do you think I've sought faith and blessings in all circumstances? It's because they turn into beautiful art to share. Let's support each other, share our dreams, and embrace the beauty of our journeys.

Remember, each of us has a friend in us, a supporter, and an honest voice to encourage and guide. My heart is set on not just dreaming but doing. The creation of this CD is not merely a musical project; it's a journey of self-discovery and expression. It's an opportunity to collaborate, to bring together hearts and minds in a symphony of creativity.


In this journey, I extend my gratitude to everyone who has been a part of my story - My husband Tarl, my parents, siblings, extended family, friends, and even those I've inspired and who have inspired me in return. You have all played a part in shaping the person I am today.


This post, my story, is a message of encouragement and hope. It's an affirmation that we all have inherent worth and potential. I believe in living a life filled with love, kindness, and understanding, meeting each other where we are, and supporting each other's dreams.

Keep Shining ~Be Inspired ~

With love and hope,

Jackie Inspires


P.S. If you feel inspired to collaborate on my CD project or simply want to connect and share your story, I'm here. Let's support each other in our endeavors, big or small, and continue to grow in faith and love. Keep shining, be inspired, and let's embrace the beauty of who we are and what we can become together.

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Dec 15, 2023
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Amazing 👏

Mar 09
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I appreciate your support :)


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