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Hey Beautiful & Creative Peeps ๐Ÿ˜

I hope this finds you well. My husband and I have been recovering from being sick last couple weeks, but work and school must carry on as well.

Are you doing anything special in your life ? What talents or dreams are you pursuing?

Know that despite the hurt physical or emotional you may feel , life can be enjoyed still.

There are challenges we all face and some are so awful and not even of our making, but we can overcome them. I'm not saying put on a smile and ignore your feelings. Find a way that is most important to you that can help you overcome .

Whether you are a singer, writer, dancer, artist, photographer, hiker, swimmer, or any other passion or talent you do, just find what works for you. Take time for yourself each day and give yourself the love and attention you need.

Overcoming challenges are different for everyone and some take longer and some don't even take long. Don't worry about how long just don't quit. Use that energy you have and put it in a way you feel comfortable and heal.

Sometimes being silent is best. For me when I'm sick or upset I try to focus on humor, my art, writing, music or serving others . I love supporting others in their life and anyway I can. Yet, I find being quiet and still observing and praying or sending good vibes is enough even if I don't respond directly, I still notice .

We're all fighting battles. We're all human but are priceless . Just do your best . Cry your emotions out. Work on yourself. Love yourself. Support each other in any way you can. Be inspired. Uplift . Don't judge or be a bully. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. We may be strong in one area while some of us are weak in others. That's quite alright. Why we have each other to uplift and support.

It's just a babble about this and that today. My energy is still blah but I'm moving forward. Know you matter always. I'm supporting you and praying for you . Be inspired and keep shining โœจ๏ธ


~Jackie Inspires ~

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