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Prep for the week & Scope

Hello Beautiful Souls

Hope you're doing well 💜

The picture is of my creative journey learning of the digital world . Tarl, my husband has helped me explore and branch out my creative sides.

I would suggest that you do the same. There's so many possibilities and creative avenues to help you in your life. It's an amazing experience and journey. I am loving the the steps I'm taking to build myself up in all circumstances and overcoming challenges.

Speaking of challenges, I am working on my prep for my wonderful endoscope and colonoscopy tomorrow. I'm 39 and I have had these done since in my early 20s. Having much gi issues and sadly bleeding bowels and other issues, it's very important to meet with your doctor. No matter how old you are.

Since I've had the gastroperisis issues and bleeding and abdominal pain and other problems, it's time to "clean it all up and out" . I find humor in all things because that's how I am comforted. Plus it's embarrassing knowing all the gas I'll be letting out while I'm under anesthesia but more coming out . Hahaha 😆

I want you to know it's my personal journey and these are my experiences, health, challenges etc. So even if some of you have or are experiencing I still take things serious. But it's overwhelming and in order for me to keep going and being positive, I must find humor to help me relax.. but yes, colonoscopy are so IMPORTANT. Since in my 20s from all I've had, I've had many polyps and issues . Now being almost 40 things getting more rough.

So, I'm grateful to have a supportive husband and specialists to all work together to find my issues and help get a plan making me better. I appreciate everyone's effort and work. Also I'm appreciative of the little slumber nap I'll have since I have 5 classes this semester

Which reminds me I had an amazing coaching session with Aloha Life Coaching . You may know Shawn Christian and Ari Zucker from Days if Our Lives as Dr. Jonas and Nicole Walker, or other Hallmark and lifetime shows. But more importantly they are two beautiful souls and a couple following their creative journey and coaching others.

Here's a link . Sign up . In-person or zoom. Find yourself and embrace. You're going to have an amazing journey with their sessions .

I'll let you know how the health journey goes. Also exciting things to tell you as I continue to mark off my 40 things before my 40th birthday. One will be marked off this week.....CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE. Stay tuned....

Be inspired ✨️ Keep Shining

~Jackie Inspires ~

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