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Quick update- Jackie's Health Journey

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Here's the update for Jackie today. Each day is a new victory. We have a procedure scheduled for tomorrow.

Some results from a couple of days ago show incidental findings that we will follow up on tomorrow with the specialists. Multiple organs and glands show findings that we need to watch.


Many very smart and competent experts are attending to Jackie. Her nursing staff is amazing. There are many moving parts in this situation, so we don't have clear answers yet. Answers will come as we go through tests in the next couple of days and get toward the end of the week.

When I married Jackie, I knew she was a mystery, but this is incredible.

We love you all. Thank you for your support, concern, and prayers. We'll have more news as the week progresses.

Tarl & Jackie

Keep shining โœจ๏ธ Be inspired โœจ๏ธ

~Jackie Inspires ~

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