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Spiritual Chili

As it's that time of year and I put on my homemade chili as it cooks while I do school and Tarl works. I reflect on how blessed I am. Though I have bad flare ups with rheumatoid arthritis and Oestoarthritis, especially yesterday into today, I am blessed to cook. Blessed to find comfort in a loving relationship not only with my husband but our Savior and Heavenly Parents.

Each of the items and seasonings I use has a purpose. Just as our Savior had a purpose for each of us. His purpose to feed our soul with his light, countenance, testimony, teachings and love . You stir all that up and we were given an endless love and support for our trials, challenges and pathed a way to return to our Heavenly Parents through the atonement.

I know that each new day I'm blessed with trials and challenges whether physical, emotional or just life, I can add all my blessings, trials, emotions, testimony and love and stir everything up and make a beautiful reminder that can keep my body nourished and full of light, truth, compassion and strength to continue to endure to the end.

I know that with my husband Tarl and I and our strong love, testimony and fulfilling our purpose on earth through being examples, service, scriptures, prayers, fasting and constant influence of the spirit we can ultimately be ready to overcome the world and be ready for the 2nd coming . I am deeply grateful for the gospel and my life especially now that nourishes me with true and eternal love, strength within challenges and trials and blessed in all circumstances. Our Savior lives.

Hope you can see the products and items in your own life that help you overcome and feeds you in all circumstances .

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired

~Jackie Inspires ~

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