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Update -My Hearing Loss Journey

Nice picture of me playing with digital art. I call this "Sound of Silence" by Jackie Telford.

I'm learning to expand my horizons and enjoying the journey even in the toughest challenges.

Btw...there's new products coming in the store and added some stickers too. I appreciate each of you whether you message, follow, shop, or just being there.

This store is a dream come true and more visions coming alive each day. Blessed to have my husband add his creative projects and will be adding more on his stuff soon. He goes by Tarl Creates in the store. So it's exciting to work with him .

Know that however you support us is so very important to us. Know right now I'm working on my Bachelor's Degree in Family Science with 3 semesters left and pay out of state tuition residing in Texas and going to a school in Utah ( UVU)

Dealing with that and all health procedures and opening little shop with Tarl only working its stressful but humor places alot for us and my faith and our marriage is strong with a christ centered home. I know all things happen for a reason...'s what's going on with my hearing loss journey Had my follow up with the Ent Specialist.

Waiting to call and fill out forms to get....Yep, hearing aids. I have so emotions going on.

Here's what's going on with nose, throat and what type hearing loss

Allergic rhinitis

Deviated septum

Hoarseness of voice


Hypertrophy of inferior nasal turbinate,

LPRD (laryngopharyngeal reflux disease)


Mixed hearing loss of right ear

Otalgia of right ear

Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) of left ear,

Tinnitus aurium, right Ear


I have significant nerve damage in both ears and 70 percent loss hearing in my right ear and 30 percent in my left.

We could do surgery but there are risks.

Ent says it's more of ostoscelerios/cholesteoma but more importantly says right now hearing aids are most recommended right now and can follow up a plan if I chose surgery.

Some may say oh this is no big deal but to me it's life changing and alot of figuring out. So please bear with me . Thank you Tarl for being my support, love and my favorite. Thank you to all those that support and love me and not judging and thinking negative. It's alot.

So that's it for now . Appreciate all your love, support and prayers. On to the next learning chapter.

Be inspired ✨️ Keep Shining

-Jackie Inspires ~

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