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Update ~HELLO :)

Hey Beautiful Souls~YES! I know it's been forever :)

I've been busy celebrating turning 41 on June 7th and hitting our one-year mark in Southern Utah since moving here. The scenery is breathtaking, and I've been making wonderful memories with my love, Tarl.

One of my art pieces was featured in a local gallery for a whole month. This was an amazing opportunity. I'm gradually coming out of my shell, experiencing healing in both my emotional and physical health, and working through past traumas. My writing projects are in full swing, and yes, books are being written!

I was so excited to receive my Humanities and Social Science degree in May 2024. Although I have one semester left for my Bachelor's in Family Science, as you know I have taken a break to focus on myself, my healing, and getting healthier. Plus, I’m starting a new job this month as a Customer Success Advocate. YES! A blessing. Very excited about this new journey~

Life is an unpredictable journey. It takes us through highs and lows, challenges and victories. Today, as I sit down to share an update on where life has taken me recently, I can't help but acknowledge the countless blessings that have come my way.

Change is perhaps the only constant in life. Over the past few months, I've navigated through transitions that have reshaped my perspective and brought new opportunities into my path. From embarking on a new career path to fostering deeper connections with loved ones, each change has added a layer of richness to my life.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to lose sight of the simple blessings that surround us. But lately, I've made a conscious effort to practice gratitude in every moment. I've found that gratitude has the power to amplify the beauty of life's simplest pleasures.

There’s so much good happening in my life. I’m blessed to continue pursuing my passions for writing, art, singing, and photography. Tarl and I are having so much fun together. He’s working hard on his job and his own art and book projects. It’s amazing to be near his parents and family. I also have family and friends close by and it's wonderful.

Health-wise, I’m managing my diabetes better with an insulin pump, and my gastroparesis has settled down. All my other health issues are under control, thanks to my diligent specialists. Over the past year, I've overcome so much, and Tarl and I have held fast to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our faith and prayers are our anchor.

As I embark on this new job adventure, I want you all to know that you are loved, thought of, prayed for, and appreciated. If I’m quiet, it’s because work and life are keeping me busy. There are projects, goals, dreams, and so much more to fulfill. I’ll do my best to check in, update you, and continue to inspire and uplift you.

Life is a joy, and every day is an adventure. Find your path, stay true to yourself, and know that you are amazing and you matter. Directions may change, purposes are being fulfilled, and God is truly amazing. Thank you all for the support, love, and prayers. Let’s embrace this new blessing and opportunity to grow. Reflect on what you need to do and become, and take it one day at a time.

Keep shining~ Be Inspired~

Jackie Inspires

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