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Updated Site- Come See :)

Tarl and I have been busy with health appointments, and

procedures for me along with him working full-time and then helping me with our website and store. Not only that I am busy with school and taking 5 classes this fall semester. I know right? Enjoy the journey.

You would think that I don't have time to care for my physical, emotional, spiritual, or even financial goals, but I do. I'm doing it. We're doing it. Being married to Tarl is so amazing. We make sure we eat together and spend time together whether for breaks for his work or my school and even go to bed at a decent hour.

Time does get away when you have fun. We've taken time out all weekend since he was off today and I had already caught up with school classes some, so we can work on our online store. So go check it out :) There are of course more products to come but we know that our priorities are work, school, health, and of course each other. That doesn't mean we can't make our site wonderful, just use good time management skills. Not only that, but I love the ''scheduled'' posts we can make .

There's so much more to come in our wonderful store from bookmarks of different categories to prints, uplifting messages and products, and spiritual journeys as well. Right now since we're just a few months in, it will take time. That's why it's nice to have you subscribe and share. Or if you feel like shopping and even got a donation feature to help keep our inspiring vision going. (you can find that on the home page)

We truly appreciate all the support. The orders, the emails, the messages, the donations, and those helping with our amazon wishlist for our store. In this world sometimes you got to share a vision and find the right people to help support and carry out that vision. We all need help and support for our dreams and talents.

Just two creative souls who found love again during one hardest times in the world a couple of years ago. Met, married, and together hand in hand. Don't lose hope in love. Love yourself and forgive yourself and others. When you don't expect it, you will find your happiness, but start within you <3

Now we're stronger and working together to help support and create our vision and our amazing journey together.



Be Inspired ~ Keep Shining

~Jackie Inspires & Tarl Creates ~


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