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About Tarl Creates (My husband)

My husband is Tarl Telford. He is a technical writer by day and in the evenings and weekends we work on creative projects together or individually. He and I make sure we have communication and eat meals together.

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Since I am a full-time student online and he works from home , we still make sure there are times to talk on breaks, lunches and if there are meetings or groups, post-it-notes and texts are great 💜

Tarl is 46 and is oldest of 9. I am 39 and I have 12 other siblings. I'm down at the bottom of the age group. Lol. Anyways, he's my rock, creative partner, amazing and talented husband and best friend.

Tarl has created The Hidden History of Oz series. Below is picture of his books. He self-publishes and does all the covers as well. Also he has and continues to uses all tools and resources to help him work on his first graphic novel.

Along with being an author, artist, illustrator and more, we find our love through music and he helps me with my stage fright . We have added books of his to our book shop which has been a dream growing up for me to have a Novelty book shop and store full of creative, inspiring, and uplifting items with talents and passions of mine. I'm grateful to add in Tarl's work and passions as well. Together we support and help make our dreams come alive.

We make a good team. As the blog and store is a continued work in progress , we've created his own little home page . Added coloring books he's done, of course his books, journals and more items he is helping me with will be added. So if you see something that says Tarl Creates or Tarl Telford...That's my husband:)

We work together well. We know when we need us time. We know when we need "me time" and try to use our time wisely on earth. Our Testimony, education, skills, service, gospel of Jesus Christ, talents, unconditional love, Christ centered home are just some of the important pieces in our home and relationships. Communication and supporting each other's passions and talents is so important. Respect and having compassion and empathy for each other and those around the world.

I love Tarl so much. He and i arw grateful for what we do have. We look forward to growing together and this dream of ours. Grateful for all supporters and those helping us get the tools and inventory needed to keep building.

We have so much fun together even if it's just a nice drive, going to grocery store, making creative projects, him working and I doing school, reading, watching a movie, dancing in the kitchen or cooking together. He's an Intj and I'm an infj. We're both empaths.. We love to help and support and bring inspiring and fun content in the world. Love supporting others in their dreams, desires and talents .

Enjoy the fun updates . Continue to follow our journey . Create your happiness in your life and with those around you. Always make time for those things that are important to you, including yourself.

Lots of love .. Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️

~Jackie Inspires & Tarl Creates ~

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