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Spring Vibes : Blooms, Love and Art

Hey Beautiful Souls 😍If things have seemed a bit quiet on my end, it's simply because I'm immersing myself in new chapters, seizing opportunities for growth, and practicing self-love and self-care like never before.

Life with Tarl is a beautiful journey, filled with creative projects and learning moments. Together, we're mastering the art of being present, stepping back from the urge to overshare, and finding joy in each moment.

This journey is also about healing from past traumas and triggers, accepting where I am, and growing closer to our Savior every day. It's through Him that I find hope for eternal salvation. This faith shapes my beliefs, guides my goals, and lights my path through the unpredictability of life—with all its anxiety, choices, agency, mistakes, trials, and triumphs.

In both the hardest and easiest of times that we can sometimes lose sight of what's truly important—YOU. Yes, I'm speaking to you because I'm living through it too. I encourage you to take time to reflect, do what's necessary for your well-being, and find your tribe of support.

You are amazing and so loved. Approach each day one step at a time. Give thanks, recognize your inner light, and don't hesitate to share it with the world.

With all the love in my heart,

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️

~Jackie Inspires ~

Oh...this is been in the works

Check out my Fine Art account. Where you can order some of my older Art pieces ✨️

More to come .

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Sooo refreshing. Love it 😀


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