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Journey to Light: Navigating Life's Shadows with Faith and Resilience

Hey Beautiful Souls~

As I sit down to write this blog post, a profound urge washes over me to share my testimony, to unfold the layers of my soul and reveal the essence of my journey—a journey marked by trials and triumphs, darkness and light, despair and hope. It’s a story not of perfection but of persistence; not of unblemished faith but of a relentless pursuit of light amidst the shadows that often shroud our world.

In the world today, it feels as though a tangible evil lurks in the air, a darkness that attempts to obscure the sunshine that bathes our lives. This struggle isn’t just external; it mirrors the war within—a battle for the soul, a contest between our higher selves and the temptations that seek to derail us from our divine path. I’ve come to see this not just as a metaphorical devil on my shoulder but as a real, palpable force seeking to influence my choices and cloud my judgment.

My life has been a series of tempests—near-death experiences, health challenges, and mental health struggles. Each trial, whether it be fighting to stay nourished amidst diabetes and gastroparesis, battling the demons of depression, anxiety, and PTSD, or simply striving to find a place of peace and health, has taught me resilience. Yet, for too long, I focused on saving others, driven by nostalgia and an idolized notion of what life should be, neglecting the most crucial relationship of all: my connection with God and the Savior.

The journey of repentance is profound and deeply personal. It’s about recognizing where we’ve faltered, not to drown in self-judgment but to understand that the Atonement is always within reach. It’s about creating lists not of our failures but of our steps towards improvement, recognizing that while labels may define aspects of our lives, they do not determine our worth or our potential.

As I’ve aged, I’ve learned that life’s end isn’t about knowing the exact moment of the world’s conclusion or the precise path our souls will take hereafter. Instead, it’s about ensuring that our souls shine for eternity through the love, creativity, and help we extend to others.

I am inspired by the Divine Creator who formed me, and in return, I feel compelled to share that peace, testimony, faith, and knowledge through my talents and passions. It’s about living for today, for the sunshine that pierces through the storms, embracing each day with the knowledge that He lives, and our Savior is indeed coming.

My years were marked by darkness, a period where my soul felt as if it were erupting in agony. Now, I find solace in the peace and quiet, in the beauty that lies within and in the warmth of the sun that fuels my spirit. This transition from darkness to light hasn’t been swift or easy. It’s a daily commitment to progress, to surround myself with love and light, because I’ve learned that darkness only serves to dampen the spirit, especially for someone like me, whose essence is deeply intertwined with art, truth, and humor.

In a world obsessed with competition and comparison, I choose to stand apart. God is the ultimate destination, and as we anticipate the Savior's return, I wish to meet Him hand in hand, surrounded by joy and living each day to the fullest. This means transforming platforms of darkness into canvases of light, changing narratives of despair into stories of hope, and replacing competition with compassion.

As I navigate the complexities of this world, my resolve remains unshaken—to be a beacon of strength, to stir my surroundings with love and light, and to cherish the journey, regardless of the challenges it presents. It's about making each day count, not in anticipation of what the end might bring but in celebration of the present moment and the potential it holds for growth, learning, and love.

To you reading this, know that you're not alone in your struggles. We are all walking this path together, seeking light, yearning for peace, and striving to leave the world a little brighter than we found it. Let's embrace this journey with open hearts, ready to learn, forgive, love, and illuminate the path for others as we go.

In closing, my message is one of hope: Regardless of the darkness that may seem to prevail, light is always within reach. We must only choose to see it, embrace it, and become vessels of its power.

With Love ~

Keep Shining~Be Inspired~

~Jackie Inspires~

Because, in the end, God is everything. The Savior is coming, and I want to be ready, hand in hand with joy, just living each day.

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May 06
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is so beautiful! Inspiring! Thank you so much


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