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Finishing What I Started-School

Hello beautiful souls :) Just updating my blog and art shop here. Wanted to let you know that I will finish school now ...

Fall semester 2023 and Spring 2024 I'll be finishing my 7 classes for my Bachelor's Degree in Family Science.

It's all good to take time for you and breaks. Your health is number one. I'm still pursuing my dream and not giving up.

Due to my health and the hospital visits Spring semester and taking off the summer semester, I had extended because my health is more important.

August 2023 is my Fall semester online and I will take 4 classes Then finish in Spring 2024. I'm excited because I have more strength in mind, body, and soul. We're moved to Southern Utah and the specialists and things are getting more stable.

Classes for the Fall semester

Fam Financial Rsrce Mgmt

Health and Diversity

Social Promotion

Elementary Astronomy

I am excited to finish what I started. :)

Keep shining! Be Inspired!


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