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Happy 47th Birthday to My Husband Tarl 🎉

Happy Birthday to my best friend and incredible husband Tarl. Words can't fully express my feelings of gratitude, respect, love and appreciation of thanks to our Heavenly Father for guiding us together especially in the hardest of times of healing and when the world was isolated in 2020.

We found each other and fell in love and hearts started healing from previous relationships. You took a chance and came to see me and from there it was magical. Everything fell into place and it was such an amazing experience. Love grew and now we're married for all eternity.

I get to celebrate you not just today but every day forever. Tarl you are an amazing husband, friend, story teller, artist, illustrator ,author, priesthood holder, hardworking and my biggest supporter and so much more.

Grateful we can be our truest self and lean on each other and have an amazing relationship and christ centered home. Our home is sacred, creative, safe, fun, and wonderful.

I hope you have an amazing day, year and continue on growing your passions and dreams. May you be blessed to sale " 47" books and more this year because you deserve so much support, love, recognition and more in all the years for your love, dedication, support, strength, caring heart, and well I'm making it my goal to help in all that I can.

Let's enjoy this day and more my love. Happy 47th Birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 Keep shining ✨️ You're the best .

P.s. I enclosed two links for anyone who wants to help reach a Birthday goal of "47" books of his. I made this goal for him because I know how incredibly talented he is and wanted to share his talents with the world.

Love you always and forever

Your wife

Jackie 💜

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