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Health Journey Continues with Beauty Surrounding Us <3

Hello, There Beautiful Souls ! It's been a bit since I caught you up on my health. I personally wished moving to Southern Utah In Mid May 2023 would magically ''Heal '' me. In ways it did of enjoying life so much more, but it's been so busy.

Tarl and I are enjoying life in this beautiful new chapter. It's been busy for both of us, he has been healing his hip/sacroiliac joint that got twisted and going to a chiropractor. Along with that being busy with work and other projects. It's so nice to be here and we're so blessed to stay with his Grandpa Jack. He sure is an amazing man * and Tarl's family) Finally able to see my in-laws after almost 3 years since getting married.

I've been seeing specialists as I was seeing and planning in Texas. My sugars are doing wonderful and my gastroparesis is there but not as bad. I'm watching what I eat and working on getting to see a GI Doctor established here. I have upcoming appointments with the Ent, colorectal surgeon, Hematologist, Family doctor, Sleep doctor, rheumatologist, and any I forgot to mention.

Dealing with my Inflammatory Arthritis, Fibromyalgia was added, osteoarthritis, and chronic fatigue. I started B-12 Shots as well as did a sleep study. I've also stayed up on my blood work and will get results over the next few weeks. Honestly, I'm just enjoying the blessings and counting them daily.

Each day brings new challenges but we are so blessed. Sometimes I feel really good and other times I can sleep all day hoping nausea, discomfort, and pain can subside with my pain, neuropathy and really head to toe of discomfort. I work on my music, art, writing, help clean, cook, walk, or whatever else I am able for that day.

It has been busy settling in Utah for the last few weeks and now getting settled with all the upcoming appointments. Other than that I just do my best. There's no easy fix and it is complicated but I will say that my depression, anxiety, and ptsd have calmed down. I am embracing all I can with my art and expressing how I feel through new projects.

I am grateful that Tarl and I are here. We truly are so grateful and glad we can be close to both our families, friends and embrace this new life together. The mountains are beautiful. Our church family is amazing. Our family and friends are just so loving and that's what life is all about. Being surrounded by those that you treasure and enjoy the journey. We pray that our home sells in Texas...Soon... So, if you want to say an extra prayer that would be great.

Despite all that is going on and the extreme fatigue I encounter, I am blessed to continue to enjoy life hand in hand with my eternal companion Tarl. We sure have fun together. Hopefully in the next few weeks, we'll get more answers and my energy will get better.

I will finish my Family Science degree in Fall 2023/Spring 2024.. I have 7 Classes left and I couldn't quite finish or start this summer, but that's quite alright. Health is so important and that is your Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional. I'm excited to continue my journey and that is each day.

We wish you all the best. Hope you continue to shine. We'll post as news or inspiration comes.

Lots of love

Keep Shining. Be Inspired

~Jackie Inspires~

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