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Hey-This Post Is Special

Hi Beautiful souls. It's Friday. And really that just means I still have school and other projects to do for the shop over the weekend🤣

I will of course enjoy being spiritually uplifted with General conference talks all weekend while being with my husband Tarl.

Really I just wanted to check in on you. Yes, you. Whoever you may be near or far. Someone that is subscribed to our blog or just flips through. How are you? Really?

Fine. Ok or whatever isn't really telling me much. You don't have to write me or comment unless you want to. I'm a struggling soul just like any of us. We all face challenges and situations. Sometimes more horrible or frequent. Doesn't mean you're not important.

I'm here surviving. I let myself feel everything even other's energy, you know being a big empath and INFJ. I'm a big observer and I feel and love deeply. I try to uplift and inspire others along in whatever journey. However, that may be.

I try to Speak kindly. Not judging. Don't care what you've done or who you are. Honestly, since growing up I've always been grateful, understanding, caring, and compassionate to others. Yes, even those that have physically, emotionally, financially used me or hurt me and especially bullying. I just learn to love even harder and look within souls. I set boundaries but can forgive and love from afar.

Still takes a lot of work..especially biting my tongue. I have feelings too. And I hurt deeply especially when I feel like my words, actions, music, photography, art and etc not good enough. We're all that way. Why I try to work on not comparing and truly love myself in all my serving, talents, passions, etc. Opens a better version. I am enough 💜


I'm not saying I'm perfect or right. Just who I am. Work in progress and I truly just want all of us to be confident, determined, strong, loved, supported, and find our way. Find the spark and beautiful spirit and light within us, even just for the day. We can focus on tomorrow later.

You're given this life to learn, grow, develop, suffer, gain strength, wisdom, talents, passions, and love yourself and others. Even little at a time.

Did you know someone is or will always learn from you? Someone will always be watching you. Not in a bad way. You and I are examples many times for the rest of our lives, even leaving this world. It's from different experiences, challenges, trials, and talents. We can gain a better understanding of ourselves through others. It's a beautiful thing. You are just that 😥😥

I'm trying daily or even hourly, even the next minute. Don't shove feelings and forget yourself. Trust me, I was like that for many years.

You're just deserving okay? Special. Loved. Talented. Beautiful. We got this 👍 Life is hard but each of us no matter how we see or describe who we are, is meant to be here. No one is better than another. See you for you. Truly appreciate you. All good, bad, and ugly as you see it.

I see potential. I feel love for others. I look and observe deep in souls. No judging. Yes, it's hard but build yourself up okay? Little by little. So much in you and in this life for you to spread those wings and fly. Create. Learn. Grow. Support each other.

All will be well. Have hope and faith. Be real in how you feel and then seek comfort and strength. You're amazing and important. You're loved. Go find yourself and love yourself more. One day at a time 💜

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired

~Jackie Inspires ~

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