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Jackie Health Journey ~Continues but now at home

UPDATE: This is Tarl.

I will be taking my forever bride home today. Jackie is being discharged with a detailed plan for food, diet, and care regimen. We have a health team in place with weekly appointments and a 90-day plan for improvement. This is a journey toward recovery rather than a full timeline for remission.


There has been a lot of damage from reflux and GERD, so the plan is to heal and move toward recovery. This is not simply a diabetes issue. We have to retrain Jackie's stomach to hold down food and function properly.


Gastropareisis has caused a paralysis of Jackie's stomach, which means healing and retraining it to keep food down so Jackie's can get nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is also a process to get rehydrated and keep fluids down. It's a life-threatening issue. Simple solutions didn't work. It has taken specific knowledge by trained specialists to cut through the noise and help us see the path that leads to recovery.

We are grateful for the support we have received and for the knowledgeable specialists who have helped us. Today begins a new chapter in our life together

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