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Kindness Goes A Long Way

Being kind is so important in life. Whether you smile at a stranger, help carry some groceries, send a thinking of you text or buy someone a meal.

There are so many ways we can show kindness and it doesn't need to be one time or made public either. Learn to #payitforward as well.

As we are creative in our passions and talents, think of all the possibilities we can be creative of being kind...

We're all needing support, understanding, love, help and most of all kindness in the world near or far. In person or online , show others you care.

Most importantly Kindness goes far and that needs to start within yourself. Be kind. Show yourself how kind you can be. I know it's easier to show others but just love yourself and speak kindly.

When creating be kind. Tell yourself how wonderful and amazing you are. I promise it will become a positive blessing in the long run. You'll be blooming .

Keep shining ✨️

~Jackie Inspires ~

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