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"Melodies of My Journey: The Artful Resilience of Jackie Inspires"

Hello Beautiful Souls– new and old – on this journey with me! I am Jackie, the creative force behind Jackie Inspires, where art and life sing in harmony.                         


My life is a vibrant canvas of abstract art, each color and line a story of resilience, creativity, and passion. As a singer, artist, writer, and relentless supporter, I have found strength and expression through my art and music. I, like you can be many things. The important thing to remember is to go out, become, and do.


This year has been a symphony of health struggles, tough diagnoses, and upcoming surgery. Yet, like a resilient melody, I have found ways to rise, to be driven, to overcome.


In my journey, I have been blessed with my husband Tarl's unwavering support, as I have cheered for his dreams too. It is a partnership of mutual support and love.


I have learned that it is okay to feel and to work through our emotions in our unique ways. Self-reflection and self-care are my acts of strength and survival. Like many of us, we need reminders to focus on ourselves. Be patient and have patience with yourself.


As I approach this new year, but live day by day, I am so grateful I will finally be graduating with a Family Science degree this upcoming Spring in May 2024. Being forty is amazing but going to school is hard, lol. This long-time goal marks not just an academic achievement but a step closer to my vision of expanding Jackie Inspires and stepping into my role as a family life educator. With aspirations soaring, I am excited to explore new horizons, expand my vision, and continue inspiring and supporting families in their journeys. Doing this with more projects, growth, and making sure I take care of JACKIE. ME! MYSELF!

Let us celebrate our unique journeys and the creative sparks that light our paths. Comment below and let us inspire each other with our stories!


~Keep Shining✨Be Inspired~

~Jackie Inspires~

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©2022 by Tarl & Jackie Telford

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