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Singing Through the Waves: My Mermaid Tale of Resilience and Joy Into A New Year 🧜‍♀️

Hello Beautiful Souls 😍 It's Jackie Inspires here, your guide to finding magic in the everyday and singing through life's challenges. I'm here to share a tale of love, laughter, and the enduring spirit of a mermaid – a tale that's as much mine as it is ours, Tarl's and mine.Like the mermaids of lore, I've always felt a kinship with the sea and its boundless possibilities. My life has been a voyage of discovery, wonder, and music. Even with my hearing loss,which recently I did more testing and significantly lost more in my right and left ear. My doctors are figuring out the best option either surgery or hearing aids or both. It's a waiting game to see what the results are.

My song remains strong – it's my beacon, shining through the foggiest of days.My health has thrown me some storms to weather – from navigating the silent depths of hearing loss to managing the unpredictable currents of gastroparesis. Finding I don't have rheumatoid arthritis. Yayyyyy. Working through my Oestoarthritis and all other things going on. Blessed 🙌

Yet, with every challenge, I find a new strength, a new note in my melody of life.In this journey, my husband Tarl has been my anchor and my compass. He's the Eric to my Ariel, the real-life prince who has embraced my dreams, my adventures, and even my mermaid quirks. Tarl propsed with Eric and Ariel Figurine of them in the boat . Aweee... I know 💜🧜‍♀️💜

When we wed in August 15th 2020, a friend captured our love in a drawing I had Tannia to do this scene as a gift to Tarl, reminiscent of that iconic boat scene from 'The Little Mermaid,' reminding us that fairy tales do exist, and sometimes, they're clad in wedding attire.As I navigate through my academic pursuits, aiming to graduate in Family Science in May 2024, Tarl stands by me, cheering me on, believing in me as I expand my talents and prepare to shine even brighter in the field of family education.

Together, we'll build a legacy that reflects our shared values and uplifts others – a legacy that is as much a part of Jackie Inspires as it is a testament to our partnership.So, my friends, here's a bit of mermaid wisdom: in the vast ocean of life, find your story, your creature, your song. Hold fast to your strengths and laugh in the face of weaknesses. And through it all, keep your voice, let it resound with all the power and beauty you possess.

For you are enough, just as you are, whether you're a singing mermaid or a silent siren.As we welcome the new year, let's let our emotions ebb and flow like the tides, embrace the healing that comes in the most unexpected waves, and tackle our mountains one pebble at a time. Embrace each other, share a laugh, and keep that sparkle going.Here's to a year brimming with love, light, and a bit of mermaid enchantment!

Keep shining and be inspired

~ Jackie Inspires ~

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