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Spiritual Journey

Hey Beautiful Peeps

Hope you're doing well. Even if you're not okay, that is quite alright. We're all faced with challenges. Just know you're loved and amazing.

I try to work on my physical, emotional, spiritual and financial journey. Each day I learn and grow . One way is by praying.

Praying is amazing.

I respect all your wishes and beliefs.

Praying helps calm my anxiety from school and traumatic memories that therapy and other things are helping.

Praying helps for new diagnosis of things I find out and for testing, results, surgeries and all other medical preparation or during or after whether for medicine, equipment or all medical staff involved.

Praying helps me blabber all I want about anything and everything in all emotions and I'll never get judgement back ( unless you're loud and neighbor hears or dogs howl like they singing hahah)

Praying helps you become closer to yourself and love yourself more because you realize all that you are and becoming and have endured. That no matter the issues, or problems you have or you will or you are, and no matter the circumstances of others wherever they are, it helps.

It helps to release, ponder, and meditate. It helps you recognize you're human and you fall. You make mistakes. You make milestones. You matter. And each of us was created to be perfected and all a work in progress.

Praying gives me a chance to become closer to someone who has so much greater love than I can ever imagine. It gives me peace and reassurance that in time all will be revealed and through the storms and rainbows, all will be well. Just pray. Pray some more. And keep praying. The more you pray. The more you realize how amazing, worthy and strong you're becoming.

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired

~Jackie Inspires ~

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