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Today I Start Spring Semester 2023 📚

Hello Beautiful Souls 😍

Hope you're doing well and taking care of YOU . Self-care is so important. I am learning this more each day. Also, learn to slow down . Life is to be enjoyed and find the joy in all circumstances. Don't be too busy to stop, breathe and make memories.

Today I start my spring semester. Excited I'm a senior in college, married to an amazing man and have our own home. Although it be fun to have roommates and have that "college life" but I still think we are doing just that with me being 39 and my husband 46. He went to college but lived off campus and I'm definitely living off campus, states away hahaha . We're in Texas and my school is in Utah . So everything is online.

Which that's just fine. I'm blessed. We all make decisions and take paths but eventually when you're ready you can conquer those desires and goals no matter how young or old. Just believe in yourself.

So, here I will be till May working on 5 classes and they are 18 credits. I have my amazing husband who works so hard and from home to help support me along with Family and friends and all of you following along .

We got this. Just 2 semesters. What do you have going on ? What are your goals? . It's possible. Always remember that .

Hang on and enjoy the ride . I'm truly excited and nervous at the same time. Let's do this. Have a wonderful day, week, month, year. You're enough. 💜

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️

~Jackie Inspires ~

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