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Beautiful & Enough

Hello beautiful souls 💜 Hope you're doing well and enjoying life just one day at a time .

I was reflecting on this art piece of mine I had done awhile back. It's beautiful. I created it. Something I wanted for myself to see within myself, a beautiful light. Someone who has flaws, scars, trials with health and fights major depression and anxiety along with ptsd from trauma over the years. Yet, I am enough.

I am beautiful despite all obstacles and bullying. All the non self-esteem, self-care and unloving challenges over the years. Just has made me more stronger, wiser, empathetic, compassionate and so much more.

I can't explain why we have doubts, lack of faith, struggles that seem so often and other things in life. I just know for me blessings and beauty out weigh the bad. Take the bad and the good of course because life is of learning, growth and overcoming obstacles. It's the beauty of seeing yourself being perfected and that you are capable, resilant, talented and enough.

I love the arts and writing. I'm creating my life in all circumstances through my passions, talents and learning. Finding the joys along with my husband through creative projects.

I can see more perfectly today than yesterday. More loving to myself. Accepting. I create art, projects, captures, sing, dance, in ways I feel is acceptable for me to understand and grow. This helps me build confidence.

One reason I am jackieinspires and have this blog and shop. I love supporting others. Uplifting and inspiring. A reminder YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are capable of creating and being who you so desire. It takes alot of continuous work but it can happen.

So I find that reflecting on your journey is such a beautiful and inspiring way to grow. Let yourself feel all emotions and energy. Just one day at a time . I hope you can follow along and share your journey with me.

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️

~Jackie Inspires ~

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