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Divine Strength Within- Art

Divine Strength Within -

By Jackie Telford (C) 2022

Canvas complete Took few days on this beautiful canvas. Alot of work and heart went into this along with all of my art and other projects, songs, writing ,photography etc.that I do.


I am a creative soul that loves to uplift and inspire others ,especially in every circumstance I or they may be going through.


I look to each soul and I see so much passion, emotions of all kinds, kindred spirits and more. I don't believe in "fame" or judging others. We all have trials, talents, challenges, and most of all our own path . For me I use my experience, energy, light, love, compassion, empathy, kindness, talents and spread it among all I can . In any way I can and have since growing up.


There's a story that continues to be told. No matter how you feel you got to look within yourselves and know that you have a purpose. You have a part in this beautiful world. You're enough. What you do matters. Who you want to become is important.


Show yourself each day that light within because light is always going to be brighter and stronger than darkness. Don't let darkness, hate, bullying, opinions and especially your thoughts hurt you more. Stand tall. Be you. Beautiful.Brave. Important. Go create your own happiness and shine. I believe in you. You're loved. You're Enough. 💜

Keep shining ✚ Be inspired ✚

~Jackie Inspires ~

Art piece will be available to purchase soon. One of a kind and original

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©2022 by Tarl & Jackie Telford

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