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Happy New Year Beautiful Souls 😍

May you and your loved ones have a wonderful, fulfilling, amazing full of blessings health, prosperity and more this year.

May kindness, forgiveness, love, acceptance and support continue all around the world. We're all needing upliftment and support. Life is challenging but rewarding. Let's choose goodness over hate.

I look forward to finishing my last 2 semesters in college. Enjoy the love and creativeness with my husband Tarl. Support each other and take life day by day. Embrace life in all the miracles, blessings, challenges and beautiful people we come across this year.

Loving myself more and standing up for what I believe and sharing my passions and talents more. Loving and supporting others more. Inspiring and bringing hope and more faith this year.

Keep shining and believing in yourself. Continue to work on yourself and love yourself through everything you experience. Let yourself feel the emotions and if you encounter hard or difficult and excruciating circumstances, let it out . Grieve. Feel. Create . Love yourself through it. Don't you quit. Don't you back down. Stay true to who you are. You're loved. You matter. You're deserving.

Don't let others silence your voice, joy, passions, dreams or anything else. Be you. Stand tall. Love yourself enough to do what is best for you. You're more amazing and priceless than social media, money, and fame. God Made you. God doesn't make junk nor mistakes. You grab hold to your light and you shine. You need help, you get it. You're worthy of love, help, compassion, support and life.

Take this year to step forward in your own time, way, and blossom in what you desire to become. You're enough and you're beautiful 😍. You keep healing but you keep going.

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️

~Jackie Inspires ~

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