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Hope & Full of Blessings

A capture of a piece of my art. It's available to buy in our store 💜 Along with other fun and inspiring items.

More items are going to be added . So keep an eye out. Remember to use code Fall22 10 percent off till October 31st 2022.

Hope all of you beautiful souls are doing good. If not that's okay. You should know that emotions are important and so is timing . Just know that we all suffer and overcome in our own time and ways . Hopefully we can respect each other and uplift and support in whatever ways we can. You matter.

I try keeping the Hope on my school journey, this little blog and shop, my health and emotional journey as well. I see blessings in all circumstances whether the situations are hard or not. I'm just strengthend to go just little bit longer. My eyes and heart see and feel little bit better .

It's hard to not compare our lives or passions, talents, businesses , bodies, achievements and so much more with each other. Lately it's hard not seeing an order or someone subscribe to my blog. Or noone is answering messages or emails to help share or support the businessor help with things for Amazon wishlist because my school and health journey so expensive and we could use little help on some tools and inventory for our small shop.

Yet, I think you know our time will come. We're already being blessed. Store is up and running. My husband is working and has his books and projects. I am loved and supported in school and other things. I got geuine supporters on my social media. I got the gospel of christ. I'm strengthend in all things. I'm grateful and blessed 🙌

I mean I really have a beautiful life. It takes time to build a business and blog . But also your health and in my case school is important as I have 2 semesters after this and hopefully graduate in family science June 2023.

My feelings are valid. It's okay to feel. But I personally push forward and accept my feelings. I know many are going through something like this ore more. That's why Hope and recognize you're blessed are important to. Don't compare . And know those who don't read your messages or answer, it's okay because something better will happen.

We all grow and shine . It's just different times but blessings and keeping the faith is there. Just keep going forward. What you do matters. You're amazing and Enough .

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired

~Jackie Inspires ~

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