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Lyricwriter & Hope Continues

Looking back to lyrics I've written over the years. I'm working hard on my passions and dreams of graduating with my Bachelor's in Family Science. Being a Family life educator. Expanding our little shop online. Recording and making my cd. Supporting my husband in all his talents and dreams along with Family, friends and those around the world.

I fins through my autoimmune diseases, mental health, loss of 70 percent hearing in one ear and 30 percent in the other, and being 40 next year, that life is even more beautiful 😍

Why do I say that because I deal with and have dealt with so much? Because I see the real me in all the hurt, scars and most of all my passions, talents, resilance, inspiration, drive, and big heart.

Love yourself through it all. Seek after your desires no matter how tough it may be. You're worth it. Make it happen.

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired

Lots of love 💜 ~Jackie Inspires ~

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