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Made It Home -Jackie's Health

We made it home

Jackie is on what's called a Gastropareisis Nutrition Therapy Diet. This is for 6 weeks, and then we will reevaluate with her doctors and team.

She is also on several medicines for her stomach, nausea, and also two insulins and a new pill.


These next few weeks will be a constant change and challenge into the upcoming months. There will be lots of emotions and bravery required for this journey.


Please continue to pray for both Jackie and myself and for all those on her care team in the next 90 days.

Jackie will still finish her degree and anything else she puts her mind to do. She is just taking it day by day. I'm grateful to be by her side and to be loved by her. Jackie's constant love, support, humor, resilience, and faith all strengthen me through the hard times. This is likely the last big update for the week. We are both very tired. We'll post again in a day or two. Love you all.

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