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Preparing for my Spring Semester 2023

Hello Wonderful and Beautiful Souls 😍

Just writing a quick post as I get ready for my online Spring Semester. So, I'm excited as I have 2 semesters left and also anxious as I'm taking 5 classes and (18) credits . Gonna be a big one.

Hope you're going to knock off those goals and desires you've wanted and have been waiting to do. Know you're enough. You're Priceless and you are capable.

My classes go from January to May 2023

The goal is to walk in May and graduate in August when I finished my final semester and internship then. And I will be 40 💜💜💜🎉🎉

If you've been following you know I'm excited for my 40th. It's big and wonderful milestones to celebrate me. Hopefully with my husband too in Disney World for my 40th and graduation gift .

Anyways here's what I'm studying this semester. Wish me luck 🙏 For my Bachelor's of Science in Family Science degree.

  • Quanitive Reasioning with Algebra(6credits)

  • Women's Health issues

  • Social Work Practice 1

  • Family Policy

  • Sociology of Aging

I'll be around on social media and still taking orders from our store etc, but besides my health and marriage school will take priority as well. Know that I see you and pray for you and I'm just working on me, as you should work on you .

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️ Know you're amazing and capable of creating your joys and dreams.

~Jackie Inspires ~

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