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Self Support & New Year to Come

Hello Beautiful Souls 💜 Happy Celebrations in however you celebrate and where. You're supported & loved here. I love seeing different traditions, cultures, posts, pictures and so much more from around the world.

Also love meeting so many on the social media's I'm on as well as my Husband Tarl.

We're doing great here. I've overcame the bug, fever and enjoying 3 weeks off of school. Tarl is enjoying his time off from work for few days and working on more creative projects and graphic novel.

We've enjoyed serving some, helping few for Christmas and going out and enjoying the Texas cold and little shopping . We have a circut machine so we're excited to use for the new year for our little gift shop ( between his work and my 5 classes ( 18 credits) but we'll. make time for creativity and of course our marriage. That's important.

Speaking of New Year I had some thoughts I wanted to share . Making it a better year to come. Challenges come but you do overcome. Support each other and find yourself loving you as you transform to a better work in progress soul even with challenges, flaws, scars and more. You're enough and worth it and more.

So, don't put so much pressure on trying to make you into someone better. Just take it one step and day. Enjoy your journey and love yourself through all transformations, especially ones that are so challenging or unexpected. You're more than enough and it's a learning experience. Work in progress for us all everyday and year.

I agree that it's important to try to make each year better than the last and to focus on self-improvement. It's also important to be kind to ourselves and to remember that we are all human and have flaws and imperfections.

It can be helpful to try to overcome challenges and to seek support from others when we need it. It's also important to practice self-love and to remember that we are worthy and deserving of love and respect, despite any challenges or flaws we may have. It's okay to not be perfect and to make mistakes. The important thing is to try to learn from those mistakes and to keep working towards being the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy Celebrations and New Year to come. Thank you for your support in helping growing a little dream. Look forward to expanding our horizons and bringing more inspiration and creativeness in the New Year.

Lots of love

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️

~Jackie Inspires and Tarl Creates ~

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