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Spiritual Message -Healing Journey 🤗💜

Hello beautiful souls 💜 Hope you know You're loved. May I continue to bring upliftment and inspiration to help you 🙏

In my reading this morning and feeling so awful 🥺

doctors trying to find the right meds, control flare ups and insulin level..again. and my rheumatoid arthritis and Oestoarthritis with tons of inflammation and pain happens out of no where .. I hardly can move today I'm in tears . But my heart is at peace. knowing one day I'll be free from this because of our Savior.


I particularly love this talk that was in with Come follow Me reading. I want you to know that all those near and far who see me or don't that one thing I don't give up on is My Savior. He lives. He loves me. And even though I don't understand the challenges I face and somedays I just can't handle, I don't give up.

"If you feel you have been wronged—by anyone (a family member, a friend, another member of the Church, a Church leader, a business associate) or by anything (the death of a loved one, health problems, a financial reversal, abuse, addictions)—deal with the matter directly and with all the strength you have. “Hold on thy way” (D&C 122:9); giving up is not an option. And, without delay, turn to the Lord. Exercise all of the faith you have in Him. Let Him share your burden. Allow His grace to lighten your load. We are promised that we will “suffer no manner of afflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ” (Alma 31:38). Never let an earthly circumstance disable you spiritually.

-Elder Donald Hallstrom ( Turn to the lord April 2010 talk)

Turn to the Lord

Same with you . I see you. I observe. I pray for all around the world. You're not alone .

I promise there is more joy than suffering. More love for you then hate. More support than you know. You have to endure but he will not leave you. Lots of love .

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️

~Jackie Inspires ~


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