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Update- Gastroperisis & Diabetes. Gerd and more

Update -Day forgot. Been dealing over week.


Not going home anytime soon.


Doctor and gi specialist working together find right insulin, nutrition plan and medicines. It's alot .


I have great nurses and specialists.

My Laryngopharyngeal reflux and Gerd is so bad along with the gastroperisis.


My blood sugar goes down 77/44 or in 80s . We're trying different meds, patches .


Got sick on jello and water . So, clear liquid diet isn't on. Just icecubes for now.


Awaiting speech therapy to evaluate and then from there doctor will see me tomorrow to see if any tests on my swallowing, scopes, any obstruction and then figure out next plan along with nutrition whether via mouth or iv.


I don't know it's all alot to take in. One thing at a time.


Doctor advised to have hubby bring laptop so I can do School 🤣


Next up

More iv fluids, meds

Shortage nationwide in Phenergan:(

Bladder scan/possible catheter.

Swelling retaining. ( I really dehydrated and sugars over 200 can cause along gastroperisis)


My voice pretty well gone from all damage but I'm trying to smile and clean up and just make the best


It does get lonely especially away from family and friends but luckily between work Tarl, my bestest friend can see me . He's the best husband and be nice for others to check on him . He's my favorite love forever


Well that's it for now... lots of love. Lots of tears. Lots of virtual hugs. Ty to those that care and send messages

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️

~Jackie Inspires ~

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