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A Touching Reminder 💜 Please Read & Be Inspired 🌟



This original piece I just finished and will be framed and available to buy soon in our store.


Please be supportive & help my dreams and passions come alive to touch others hearts and remind them just how amazing and important they are. You can subscribe, shop, share or even donate to help with more art & other creative supplies. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


I love to inspire & uplift others. Not only that but support in anyway I know how. Through my talents & experiences along with how I express I do just that.


I am a unique & creative lover. One of a kind. I like to express and feel in my own way and through the talents & passions I love.


Knowing that I touch at least one person a day brings so much joy and love to my heart. Being a huge empath and INFJ along with such a challenging but rewarding life, I choose just that to embrace life with joy and see blessings in all circumstances.


Though I have challenges with my health and other life trials, I emerge to be a beautiful life and a reminder to myself that " I Am Enough ".


May you be reminded in your own life & challenges that you have and continue to face is YOU'RE ENOUGH. We all need reminders. More importantly you need to be inspired. Be inspired to see the beautiful light within and light you give others, especially when you don't see it.


Express yourself & feel in all circumstances no matter how long it takes or how long you need to heal. You keep going but give yourself that time and self-love. It's not easy but you can , because you're doing it now.


Embrace your passions, dreams and talents. Just take that little step and reach for your heart desires. It takes work but I know it's possible. I am doing so but with so much desire, work and lots of patience with myself.


You're Amazing. You're Enough. You're Capable 💜

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired

~Jackie Inspires ~

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