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Cultivating Talents as Acts of Kindness

Hello Beautiful Souls! Big hello to all my new subscribers. Thank you so much for your support. If I can help inspire even just one person each day then I know that I am doing an amazing job, as God would have us do.

Take time to go back to my previous posts if you are new to catch up. Look around the tabs on my website to find books, gifts, and art. Learn more about my husband Tarl and I. I am sure you'll find some amazing inspiration and motivation to get your own life glowing among all trials. The best way is to spread joy and use your talents, experiences, skills, knowledge, and passions each day somehow and in some way.

Most of the act of kindness is done when others don't even know. You don't have to make a big deal and definitely don't have to have money to spread kindness. There are so many resources and ways you can be involved and the best way is to be silent while spreading kindness. It's a simple thing you can do for someone else each day and numerous times if you like. Just remember to be kind to yourself. You're priceless.

I know that in my own life, I love spreading joy, inspiring others, and supporting in any way I can. I love seeing others be blessed, shocked, and most of all knowing they are OK. Why? because we all fight our own battles and some are very hard. You never ever know what someone else is going through or has been through.

Sometimes ''assuming'' can really hurt others and also you never know if the smile you received was the last someone could give. Or if you had received a gift that may have been the last dollar they spent or had because they felt others needed the joy. You may have gotten a surprise, a hug, a bill paid, a meal, a text, a card, or an unspoken act of kindness, and those that are spreading joy or gifting or even using their passions and talents for good may just need to shine and spread goodness because that is what makes their life better.

I find that in life it's so much better to share and support in any way you know how. There are tons and tons of ways and you don't have to make it a big deal. We're all so blessed. That's why I love inspiring others because, in my own life, there are so much more blessings, especially among trials. I love seeing others shine. I love hearing and seeing the joys, laughter, tears, moments of being speechless. I love seeing my creative art hung on walls. I love hearing of others loving my husband Tarl's books that bring so much fun and creative joy.

School will be starting for me again next week. 2 Semesters left. 7 classes to go. I am 40 years old and I have had this goal to get my Bachelor's in Family Science for quite some time. Trials had made it hard and I had to push it out more. I am going to finish and am so excited.

We're trying to find a place of our own here in Southern Utah and enjoy our lives together making more memories, finishing our dreams and inspiring and creating so much more, and helping others do the same in their life.

Love to inspire and support. You keep going and don't give up. There are more blessings and opportunities for you than you can imagine. Trials are blessings too. Let yourself feel and be vulnerable. YOU'RE AMAZING ~ YOU ARE CAPABLE ~

When we spread joy through our passions and talents, we set off a chain reaction of inspiration. Our actions ripple outward, motivating others to embrace their own gifts and share their light with others. * Why My name is JackieInspires :)

Thank you for sharing your life with me. Thank you to all those that support Tarl in his books and other creative projects. Thank you for supporting my blog, art, and more. Thank you for just being there. Your support means so much. I can't wait to see how you blossom.

Talents are gifts that keep on giving. We all have talents. Use your unique abilities and share them with others. There are so many ways and forms of talents. We're not only enriching our own lives but uplifting others around us. Using talents and supporting others will help each of us become even more beautiful instruments of positivity around the world.

Don't let your jealousy, troubled hearts, and trials disrupt your own passions.

Keep Shining ~ Be Inspired~

~Jackie Inspires~

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