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Enjoy Life~Yes! Even When Busy

Hello Beautiful Souls ~

Life is sure busy! Between Tarl and his busy work, projects, and unpacking the last bit in our home, and Tarl and I both having nasty colds for over a week now, We needed to get out in the sunshine and see the beautiful state of Utah we're blessed to live in.

We've been in our beautiful townhome for a month now and love it. Above is a picture I took of Pine Mountain here in Washington/St. George Utah where we live. Isn't it beautiful?

I've been busy with school and health appointments. Also putting in a lot of job applications as I graduate in Spring 2024 with my Family Science degree. So, why wait? when I can enjoy the numerous interviews, applications, and denials hahaha. It's all part of the process. I may be 40 but I got quite a bit of years left and want a career.

I love that Tarl and I can make sure we make time for ourselves together. Whether it's a drive, a walk, exploring, creating, or reading next to each other. Life can get busy but being with those you love is so important. MAKE TIME~ Even if you don't have a special someone, I understand, we've all been there but make time with someone or those you love dear.

We've learned a lot through my horrible sickness *you can read previous blog posts to understand that part. It was very hard on both of us and very scary. I literally thought it was the end of me. With a lot of prayers, determination, support, love, the move, amazing specialists, and constant work, I am better and stable. My insulin pump is doing good. My gastroparesis is stable. My emotional and spiritual health is amazing.

Having my best friend and my love by my side and me by his side made life even more beautiful, just like looking outside and seeing the beautiful desert, mountains, dirt, plants and so much more. God makes beautiful things. Yes, we have challenges but despite how ''ugly'' it can be, at the end of the challenge or trial, it's actually quite an amazing and beautiful destination.

I'm not saying we're totally 100 percent better but we are 100 percent sure how blessed we are to have each other. No matter how many bumps in the road or trials we have faced, we really do stop and appreciate the beautiful trials and challenges we have overcome.

There's no going back. There's no different direction you can choose once you choose a path, but there is so much beautiful scenery along the way and that is with each other too. The growth, determination, learning, growing, faith-building, and just in awe of how incredibly blessed we are. So what does this tell you? Don't give up. Don't just stay in a funk and not live. Don't let your challenges and trials stop you from living.

No amount of sickness and disasters and the way you feel should stop you from living. It's a time for you personally to see how you can live and learn during those times and have faith in every step you take. No matter how big or small that step is, YOU ARE DOING IT. YOU CHOOSE. Each of us has our free agency. We choose whether to live or just ride out the storms missing beautiful moments.

I am choosing one day at a time. No matter how I feel. No matter how busy life can be. Enjoying my life with Tarl. Enjoying the outside. Enjoying the sun on my face. Enjoying the appointments, my ups and downs. I am enjoying really researching, pondering, praying, and consulting for the right career for me. Doesn't matter it's later in my life, because I am doing it. Doesn't matter if you are doing something later, it's you're doing it.

Just take one day at a time. I know you hear it a lot or compare yourself with others. That's fine. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life. I'm just putting this out there that each day is a new opportunity whether each of us is blessed to see it or not. No matter how hard it is or easy it may be.

See the sunshine and the beautiful scenery for the day. Worry about tomorrow later. One step. One choice. Know how much you are worth it and not forgotten. God created you. He knows before you know what will happen. You are given this chance and life now and we may not understand why but that's okay. We're given so much joy, blessings, knowledge, skills, opportunities, passions, talents, and each other to expand our days.

I am just blessed. I am blessed I can choose to stop and just soak in the beautiful moments with Tarl. No matter how hard things get or how busy, I choose. That's what life is about. You choose. Your free agency. I choose Life :) I choose the good, bad, and ugly and see the beautiful blessings.

Keep shining ~ Be Inspired ~

~Jackie Inspires~

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30 sept 2023
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That’s is awesome that u r graduated in the Spring 2024 and I’m so sorry about that u being sick we love u and we missed keep us updated on how everything is goin on I love ur stories

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02 nov 2023
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You're amazing. Thank you for the support

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